Carrier Agreements: Understanding the Fine Print

Presented by former UPS Corporate Pricing Executive, Carl Hutchinson

Renegotiating your shipping agreements has an immediate impact on your bottom line. But how can you ensure that you're optimizing your agreements? Specifically, do you know how your costs are affected by the "fine print?"

In this 45-minute webinar, former UPS pricing executive Carl Hutchinson will discuss the provisions of carrier agreements that have the highest impact on shipping costs. Carl will answer the following questions:

  • Which fine print provisions are affecting my agreement?
  • What is the cost impact?
  • How do I negotiate fine print in my favor?
  • What should I expect from the carrier?

The information from this webinar has helped hundreds of companies save millions of dollars on shipping.

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About our speaker, Carl Hutchinson

Carl has over 27 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, including over 20 years at UPS. During his tenure at UPS, Carl fulfilled assignments at the local, regional and corporate levels including a 3 year assignment to Asia and over 7 years in Corporate Pricing. He holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Economics and Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Graduate Certificate in International Business.

"When it comes to carrier pricing agreements, language and structure of your agreement may be just as important to your bottom line as your discounts. A better understanding of the fine print can be worth thousands, to hundreds of thousands, of dollars depending on a company’s shipping characteristics. The carriers know it, and shippers need to know it." 

        – Carl Hutchinson, Former Corporate Pricing Executive for UPS


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